Vocational college and Medical vocational college of the International umanities university

Yuliya Sharapanovska

Director of the Vocational college of the International humanitarian university​

The main goal of educational work at the college is to shape the personality of the graduate, who is successful, competitive, mobile, capable of self-realization, self-development, and self-actualization in creative and professional activities, and possesses social maturity and moral resilience. Education at the Vocational college of the International humanitarian university is a priority direction of the pedagogical team’s work. Upon completion of their studies, the student will be awarded a diploma of a professional junior bachelor.

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Structure of the college

From working in law enforcement agencies, judicial bodies, educational institutions, as well as the field of copyright protection, to the possibility of starting your own company and providing legal services.

►Status and prestige

►High career growth

►Competitive remuneration

►Relevance in society

What can a specialist in “Economics” do?
►Financial director
►A bank employee
►Economic advisor
►Head of economic projects and programs
►Deputy director for economic issues

The profession of a philologist means, first of all, employment prospects in the quality of:

► Stewardess on international airlines



►Content manager




People who specialize in website development and installation of operating systems are highly in demand in the modern service market. This profession is considered the most relevant and sought-after. It combines expertise in computer hardware with strong programming skills. The field is closely related to hardware aspects of computer technology, while also requiring a solid foundation in programming.

This is one of the current and promising specialties that is essential for the operation of hotel and restaurant infrastructure. We prepare professionals who can organize production and service in hospitality establishments, ensure a high level of product and service quality, and improve service forms and methods.
Popular professions for designers include:
►Game designer
►Computer game developer
►Animator for TV, film, and video industry
►Interior designer
►Graphic designer
►Mobile app designer
►Fashion designer
►Art director
During the period of introductory and industrial practice, students of the 2nd and 3rd courses learn to select analogues, provide consultation on the chemical composition, actions of medications, side effects, and interactions with other substances. High-quality education is crucial for professionals in this field, as the health of others depends on the acquired skills and knowledge.
Where is the profession of a psychologist in demand?
► Educational institutions
► Medical facilities
► Law enforcement agencies
► Human resource management
► Personnel management
► Marketing and advertising One can also explore opportunities in business and politics, such as negotiation and public relations. And this is not an exhaustive list!

The specialty of “Cybersecurity” is one of the most relevant and promising fields in the modern information world. In today’s digital society, where computer networks and the internet play a central role, ensuring security in the virtual space is a critically important task.

The specialty of “Music Art” in our college opens the doors to the wonderful world of music. This program provides students with the opportunity to develop their musical talent and receive high-quality education in the field of music art.

In our curriculum, we combine theoretical knowledge with practical skills to prepare our students for work in primary classrooms.

►Teacher of young learners in English and German languages

►Educator/Methodologist in preschool educational institutions

►Early development instructor

►Teacher’s assistant

A specialist in the specialty “Nursing” can work in the following places:

► Polyclinics and outpatient clinics

► Hospitals and medical centers

► Rehabilitation centers

► Advisory services

► Research projects

Material-technical base

The goal of modern education is not only to ensure the quality of the educational process, but also to constantly strengthen the health of the younger generation

Thanks to the material and technical base, as well as highly qualified teachers, college students have the opportunity to study in the most effective way in their specialty

A sports complex of European standard has been created on the basis of the college, which includes various gyms, tennis and fitness halls. In addition, students use the sports base and stadium, shooting range, indoor court of the sports complex

Student government

The Vocational and Medical Vocational Colleges of IHU have created all the necessary conditions for the continuous development of students’ creative inclinations and obtaining the necessary education.

Thanks to the initiative students, a self-governing body was created in the college. At the head of the Student Parliament of the Professional College of the International Humanitarian University. The president, who was elected by the students by secret ballot. Student self-government organizes and conducts internal thematic events and participates in the events of the International Humanitarian University and the city.

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