Preparatory department for foreign citizens


Victoriia Podopryhora

Teacher of the Preparatore department for foreign citizens

More about the preparatory department

Preparatory department for foreign citizens, which is based at the International Education center of the International humanitarian university, specializes in preparing international students for admission to higher educational institutions in Ukraine. The department adheres to several important principles that ensure the quality preparation of students and their adaptation to the conditions of Ukrainian universities.

One of the principles is that students have the opportunity to study Ukrainian or English language and other academic subjects in a non-native language of instruction, according to recommended curriculum and programs. This allows students to assimilate the material in their native language, facilitating their learning and understanding of the subjects.

Additionally, the department provides social, psychological, sociocultural, and language adaptation of foreign students to the learning conditions in Ukrainian universities. This includes assistance in resolving issues related to accommodation, health, legal status, as well as organizing intercultural communication and activities to familiarize students with Ukrainian culture and traditions.

The Preparatory department also conducts scientific, educational, methodological, creative, and cultural activities at a modern level. This includes organizing scientific conferences, seminars, workshops, and other events aimed at enhancing the professional level of teachers and students, as well as developing their creative abilities.

Despite the challenging situation in the country, the department actively works to ensure the quality of education, providing comprehensive support to students and promoting their development. The process of admission to the Preparatory department for foreign citizens continues, and the department is focused on continuously improving its work to provide quality education and adaptation of students to higher education in Ukraine.

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