International webinar on medicine: "Modern international practices in anesthesiology and intensive care."

On June 7, the International Humanitarian University hosted an international webinar with the participation of leading European specialists in the field of medicine, namely anesthesiology and intensive care. The webinar was opened by Rector Professor Kostyantyn Viktorovych Gromovenko, who told the teachers and students of the faculties of medicine and public health, stomatology and pharmacy about the visit of the University delegation to Great Britain and Scotland for the major medical forum Euroanaesthesia-2023. A member of the delegation, the head of the Department of Anesthesiology, Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine, a member of the European Education in Anesthesiology Committee, Professor Oleg Oleksandrovich Tarabrin, reported on the work of the congress and introduced the present teachers and students to the participants of the webinar who joined the audience online. Among the invited guests were professors Andriy Varvinskyi (Great Britain), Oleksandr Ioskovich (Israel), Oleksandr Zlotnik (Israel); Pavlo Tarabrin, founder and CEO of the Medvoice platform. Foreign speakers spoke about the work of universities and medical institutions they represent: Royal College of Anaesthetics, University of Exeter, University of Plymouth (Professor A. Varvinsky); Jerusalem University, “Sha’arei Tzedek” Medical Center (Professor A.M. Ioskovich), University named after Ben Gurion (Beer Sheva, Israel; Professor O.M. Zlotnik). The participants of the webinar proposed to the leadership of the International Humanitarian University to establish long-term partnership relations, which include internships for teachers and students of higher education, exchange of experience in medical work, joint research in the field of medicine. With great interest, the audience of the webinar listened to the speeches of outstanding scientists and clinicians. It was also extremely useful to get acquainted with the work of the Medvoice Internet platform, which is used for continuous professional development of doctors. The services of the platform can also be used by those seeking higher education and post-graduate students, which significantly improves the quality of education in educational programs. Courses in many medical specialties are available on the platform, which are conducted by leading domestic and foreign specialists.

At the end of the webinar, Kostyantyn Viktorovych outlined the prospects for the further development of the University, the need for rapid development of faculties, taking into account the conclusion of partnership agreements – Memoranda with leading European Universities. It is very important that all partners – participants of the webinar will be present at the IX International Congress on Anesthesiology “Black Sea Pearl”, which will be held on August 25-27, 2023, on the basis of the International Humanitarian University in an offline format.