Welcome to Ukraine

Today, students from Turkey who are entering the Preparatory Department for Foreign Citizens arrived at our center, and we cannot help but share our joy with you. We believe that this is the beginning of something extraordinary and we assure you that with us you will find high-level education, a friendly atmosphere and unforgettable memories.

The preparatory department for foreign citizens, which is based at the Center for International Education of the International Humanitarian University, specializes in preparing foreign students for admission to higher educational institutions of Ukraine. The department adheres to several important principles that ensure high-quality training of students and their adaptation to the conditions of Ukrainian universities.

One of the principles is that students have the opportunity to study Ukrainian or English and other academic subjects in a non-main language of instruction, according to recommended curricula and programs. This allows students to absorb the material in their native language, which facilitates their learning and understanding of the subjects.

Thank you for choosing International Humanities University!