On May 31, as part of the international project between the International Humanitarian University 🇺🇦 and the Andreas Bello Catolica University (UCAB, Venezuela) 🇻🇪, an open lecture was held by Prof. Gloria María Aponte F.

It is very pleasant that the topic of the lecture on the protection and protection of innovations was of interest not only to students of our economic specialties, but also to students of “International Law” and “Law Enforcement Activities” specialties. The lectures were also attended by teachers of the Faculty of Law and Economics, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Assoc. Nesterova K.S., Candidate of Jurisprudence Baadzhi N.A. and our graduate students – N. Povarchuk and A. Seredynko.
Thank you to Professor Gloria for the interesting information that provoked questions from those present! See you this Friday at the final meeting of the Coil project with UCAB