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International humanitarian university

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The Center of international educationof the International humanitarian university is a key department that plays an important role in supporting and developing the university’s international connections. Its main tasks include representing the university both in Ukraine and abroad, developing memorandums of cooperation in education and science, coordinating the educational process for foreign students, and ensuring the quality of education.

One important aspect of the Center’s work involves analyzing the academic progress of foreign students, which allows for the assessment of their academic achievements. Based on these analyses, measures are taken to improve the quality and discipline of teaching and to enhance teaching methodologies. The Center also provides proposals and recommendations for the organization, methodological support, and material-technical provision of the educational process and research aimed at continuous improvement of the quality of education.

Preparing foreign students for admission is another important area of the Center’s activities. It provides support to foreign students in improving their language skills and professional knowledge, assisting them in understanding the requirements and the process of admission to Ukrainian universities. Additionally, the Center organizes the admission process for foreign students and ensures control over their living conditions, thus creating a comfortable environment for learning and student adaptation in a new country.

To enhance the professional level of the staff and continuously improve their work, the Center regularly holds meetings, seminars, and other events aimed at exchanging experiences and implementing new methodologies and approaches in the educational process. Faculty members and employees constantly improve their knowledge and skills to ensure a high quality of education and preparation of foreign students.

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